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Prices and Options for Model Horse Tack
All tack is Live Show Quality (LSQ).  I sell limited numbers of tack but several of my pieces have helped NAN qualify horses and others have even made appearances at NAN!   Classic sized or smaller tack is available in most options. For prices on classics take 10% off the quoted traditional price. Smaller sized pieces are available on request. However, patterns for these sizes have in most cases not been developed. Ask to be sure.
Join the Totally Custom Tack Shop egroup. I will post announcements as to new items, ready for sale tack, items to ebay, etc. here and may even offer specials for group members. Also, I am offering 5% discounts on ANY tack items sold on ebay, ONLY if you are a member! I will subtract the discount at the end of the auction and let you know the total.

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I've also offered a $15.00 credit for measuring a resin that I want to make tack for. Email me and I will let you know if I might be interested in yours. You can see more details at the measurement guide .

Sorry, but there is now a charge for printed catalogs. I have to do this because they cost me about $4.00 each to print and mail, and I mail 30-40 a year. Please mail $3.00 (address at the bottom of the page)for a catalog. You will be sent a coupon with the catalog for $3.00 off an order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for arrival. Sorry for the inconvinience.  This $3.00 fee can now be paid via Paypal.com to save on postage! If you have already requested a catlog, it will be sent as soon as they are redone. The internet has many more photos and is more up to date anyway. Feel free to print these pages on your own printer if you wish. I update 2-3 times a year or more so check back often. Thank you for understanding! I do accept orders by email at double_doc@hotmail.com if that is easier for you but at least a down payment MUST be recieved before tack will be started. I do accept time payments as in most cases it takes 6-8 weeks minimum for me to get a larger order done, depending on class/work schedules. Please see the work schedule page for more details on this.

Terms and Important Info:
Now taking VISA with PayPal.com. Prefer checks and MOs though. No trades over 50% of tack value unless by special request and is for something on my trade list. For exceptions and items on my trade list, please go to my wish list at the bottom of my sales page.
I love a challenge in custom work. I'll take on anything (within reason) and do it right.  If I fail, no charge to you.  Ask me and I'll give you a quote.  However, if you order a custom saddle, in say blue, and then decide you wanted it tan, it is not my responsiblity. I will talk to you just before I start your tack and you can make changes then. I will custom make to your doll or horse.  All bridles can basically have any kind of reins: romal, split, buckle end, working cotton, snaffle cotton, etc. Orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis (please see the work page for my current order list) taking into consideration the difficulty of the project. I will wait until all checks have cleared before mailing. If you are not happy with my work please talk to me about it and we'll work something out. I will take unsatisfactory items back if it was a problem with my workmanship. If something breaks within a year of receipt, I will fix it free of charge. I will also repair certain things as time goes by, occasionally there may be a fee for part replaced or time spent. I reserve the right to take pictures of any pieces of tack for advertisement purposes. However, truly custom tack will never be duplicated. I may be willing to buy photos of certain pieces if I do not have access to a camera at the time it is finished. The only thing I ask is patience. Being at college, I do not have unlimited amounts of time. I work on tack as much as possible but some things take a while. Package Discounts of 10% are available on a traditional saddle, bridle and one accessory or a second bridle ordered at the same time without a deadline for completion. Discount MUST be requested at time of order. Discounts not available on anything with a "done by" date at this time (maybe in the future) with the exception of the discount offered to group members on ebay items. Also, don't forget to check out my links page for things like reference resources and buggies.

Contact Info:
After June 1, 2001:
Dora Reeves 
127 W. Main 
1-509-382-3856 no collect calls please
Dayton, WA 99328-1227

Or until June 1, 2001: 
MSC 3305
Dora Reeves 
623 Holly St. 
Nampa, ID 83686-5897
1-208-466-9442 no collect calls please